• J’nous imagine

    I hiked along the Casacade du Herisson in France, I could post a classic long exposure picture of a waterfall but it is the easy way. I decide to post an atmospheric shot of this unique forest. Shot in Ménétrux en Joux, Franche-Comté, France.

  • Yesterday Once More

    New photo gears, new challenge. I tried an abstract picture based on the architecture of this famous monument and the rules of thirds. Shot at the Tate Modern, Bankside, London, United Kingdom.

  • I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On

    After one month without a SLR in my hands, I start shooting with my phone. Someone says that the perfect camera is the one you have always with you. Shot in Leman Lake near Vevey, Switzerland

  • Space Oddity

    The wake up after New Year’s party is always though. This year, I was in the mountain, when I woke up I see the golden lights between the clouds. I put my trekking clothes on and went into the nature. Totally worth it. This mountain is called the Petit Clocher du Portalet (2823 m). Shot …