• I de Schwiiz

    A place where political people take decisions. It’s the heart of our political system. A very strict and symmetric picture, like the subject. The Swiss Parliament building. Shot in Bern, Switzerland.

  • Kingdom Come

    Sunrise at 6 A.M, the atmosphere was special. A cold morning after a short night of sleep. I was above three lakes, lake of Joux, Léman and Neuchâtel to see the first lights of the morning. A great experience that I like to share here. Shot from the top of Mont-Tendre (1679 m).

  • Hard Times

    Two years after my first experience (see Racing with the Sun) at the “Patrouille des Glaciers“, I went to see the race again. Leaving Lausanne during the night, I went to Arolla them Verbier. A white night to follow the race. Great times. This time the race was not stopped and I could shoot the …

  • Paint It Blacker

    I prefer to spend my time in beautiful landscapes instead of a cave. During my work, I have to spend one day in a tunnel. I took the opportunity to bring my gears with me and try to shoot something. Hopefully, there was this train bringing some lights into the darkness. Shoot in tunnel of …