Lover of the Light

Posted on Dec 18, 2012 in Urban

During the end of this year, the city of Lausanne set up a light festival. This piece of art is called “Flux Cocoon”, it is based on LED wrapped around the Grand Pont. Around the city you can enjoy ten installations and discover the city with another point of view. Shot in Place de l’Europe, Lausanne, Switzerland.

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7 thoughts

  1. ça te fatigue pas d’être bon?

  2. Une désaturation partielle sublime, suis fan !

  3. I love how you have isolated the red here, it really adds to the atmosphere!

  4. Wow, amazing post processing ! Great composition !

  5. magnifique photo! les “reflets” rouges sur les bâtiments sont très réussis. l’ambiance mystérieuse rendue par le N/B bien contrasté me plaît beaucoup.

  6. You have to work really hard to properly do this sort of photo, and you’ve dont it really well. It’s a lovely photo. Aside from the red, the shadow and lighting down by the arches is fantastic.

  7. That’s great. Very creative. The contrast is fantastic.


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